Anchorage Adult Baseball League

est. 1976


​Thank you for considering making a monetary contribution to the local game, no matter the amount.  Founded in 1976, the AABL is funded entirely by player fees and a very few private contributions (sponsorships) that make it possible to continue the storied tradition of local baseball on the Last Frontier. Sponsoring an AABL franchise, or the league in general, is a way of cultivating grassroots exposure for you and your organization.  Whether it is one season that over 200 local and loyal players and fans associate your name with the fun they had playing America’s Pastime; or over several successful seasons that land your organization in the AABL Hall of Fame (with other iconic local benefactors such as Video City, Crossroads, L&M Automotive) your contribution to the local game compares favorably with any other advertising investment.  So while reinvesting in the community is its own reward, the AABL can offer an extensive history and a very specific consumer demographic that enhance the peripheral incentives for your organization.   Below are some sponsorship landmarks for your consideration:

Two Bagger: $200 - Your organization’s name/logo on the AABL website ( and the AABL sponsorship banner displayed at the State and City tournaments as well as the All-Star game versus the Anchorage Bucs.

Wall Banger: $400 - Two Bagger benefits plus a link to your organization’s website from the AABL site and a special “thank you” plaque for display.  

Circuit Blast: $800 - The above Two Bagger and Wall Banger benefits plus your own AABL team!  Circuit Blast Sponsors will become part of the fabric of the local game quite literally with their sponsorship making them synonymous with a team.  The team will carry the sponsor’s name in the schedule, website, newspaper - wherever the team (e.g. Video City Studs, Steve’s Sports Bar) or its players are mentioned.   Circuit Blast Sponsors may determine with their team the conditions of sponsorship including where/how the sponsor’s name will be integrated into the on-field uniform.  Additionally, team sponsors get to hold whatever hardware their club brings in and are included in the championship shirt order when applicable. 

Alaska Baseball Legend:  $1400 and above - Basically a two-year Circuit Blast sponsorship with all the glory that entails at a slightly better rate.  The highest level of commitment that lends stability to the club and allows them to build on their success, propelling your organization’s name towards the AABL Hall of Fame.

Please contact to contribute or get more information on making an AABL contribution.  Again, thank you for your consideration.