Anchorage Adult Baseball League

est. 1976


Local baseball is a community of players, fans, sponsors, and as evidenced by our Hall of Fame (bottom of page), umpires.  Umpiring is a chance to get involved with the baseball community and give back to the game.  Additionally, umpiring in the AABL can be financially productive - certified umpires make $60 per a game and can work as many as five games a week.  Most AABL games take place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, in addition to double-header Sundays; and with the games limited to three hours each it is very possible to earn an extra $240 a week for a few evenings at the yard as a most integral part of the local game.  Becoming an AABL certified umpire is simple: participate in a training course (offered as needed) from one of our veteran umpires, after which an umpire can become fully eligible to officiate both plate and field.  If you have two years of umpiring experience at any level, you can become certified without the coursework.  The training is free, and you may choose to borrow gear (black shirt/pants, chest protector, shin guards, face mask, etc.) or deduct the cost of your own equipment from your first umpiring paycheck at no additional charge.  The AABL is seeking to develop regularly available, professional umpires from baseball fans and former players.  For more information about umpiring in the AABL, or to set up a training time, contact the General Manager at